Friday, October 10, 2008


This beauty is on an all of the electrical boxes that I pass along my walk to school. I was too embarrassed to take a picture of it earlier, but I left class late today and was pretty much alone this afternoon. I had to stop and get a picture. In case you can't make it out, that large boogery lightning blob has an angry face, and is jabbing the poor break-dancing child.

This is me today! I wish I had a better camera, because the color of my sweater is so pretty!

The Final Countdown

The most epic thing you will see all day.

* DON'T start this if you won't watch it all the way through.

Hollaback Girl

I'm not a Gwen Stafani fan. I never have been. That isn't to say I dislike her or her music. On the contrary. I think she's talented, marketable, and a really good example of a modern woman. She's over-the-top feminine, but takes no sh*t from anyone - including Courtney Love.

In an interview with Seventeen Magazine, everyone's least favorite Rocker Wife called Gwen Stefani a "cheerleader". Stefani's rebuttal? A number-one hit which was nominated for multiple Grammy awards and smashed several airplay records.

So here's to you, Gwen Stefani, for writing this fantastically fun "Eff You!" to Courtney Love!