Thursday, December 18, 2008


I realized how boring I am. Every post I've made has been about the weather - the weather isn't interesting. I should probably talk about some things that are, or that are at least more "Valry." Let's get sassy:

1. Sade is awesome. Look her up on YouTube. "I Never Thought I'd See the Day" is my favorite. It's a bit more ambient than her other songs. The entire thing reminds me of one big, long sigh. Gorgeous.

2. If you haven't done so already, you need to check out Scary-Go-Round. It's an absolutely fabulous web comic by an adorable Brit named John Allison. As with most decent comics, the dialog is funny, but John really gives it a unique rhythm. All of the characters have a different, strange way of saying things. The artwork is also amazing. John puts a lot of detail into each strip and conveys a lot of humor in each frame. I've raved about it for years. Reading this comic increased my quality of life by 300%. Not. Kidding.

3a. Cars: Currently I drive a 1994 Lexus ES. It is the best car I've ever driven - and I've driven quite a few. It's got a very spacious interior, but is a very small, lightweight vehicle. It has a massive engine for its weight, which means it has an incredible amount of power. Driving has always made me a bit anxious, but I absolutely love to drive my car. I was raised on Japanese vehicles, and while I generally scoff at the absurdity of "brand loyalty", I've not been disappointed in Lexus. They're still manufactured in Japan (virtually all American models of Toyotas are actually manufactured in America or Canada now, which means they're garbage), and they are absolutely incredible vehicles. I regularly argue with my friend Jed about the pros/cons of BMW and Lexus. BMW puts INSANE amount of power into their vehicles, but they are also very heavy. Driving a BMW is like driving a tank. Which is awesome. I would feel 100% comfortable about my chances of survival in driving a BMW off a cliff. My chances of never ending up over a cliff are greatly increased by driving a Lexus, which just handles better. There's a time and a place for handling an object with a rough hand - at night, in a bedroom, for example. The road is not a place I want to have to "control" my vehicle. Driving Lexus vehicles reminds me of riding horses - use a gentle, steady hand and know your vehicle's limits and you're in for one hell of a ride.

3b. Cars: My car's getting old. Hopefully I'll be able to get into the Ph. D program at USC for fall '10. In so doing I'd be able to - hopefully - pay off my student loans and my credit card bills so that by the time I'm Dr. Hensel I'll be able to buy myself a new car. Obviously I've looked into Lexus (almost exclusively) and have essentially decided on an RX. Technically I decided I'd buy myself an RX 4 years ago when I first saw one (I have NO idea why I like them so much...they're quite weird-looking), but we don't need to get into that. I'm thinking about getting a certified-used Hybrid, as I think that would be a stellar vehicle to drive around LA (where I assume I'll stay through law school) but the LS Hybrid is really awesome. I love the RX because it's small but sits me up high (so I can effing see) and it looks like it handles the same way the original Sequoia did (basically like a giant sports car: amazing, amazing handling!). Of course the LS hybrid starts at over $100k, so I wouldn't be buying it any time soon, but I'm not sure if maybe I'd want to hold onto the car I have now and keep fixing it until I graduate from law school, etc. I love cars.

4. Nine Inch Nails. I know that the two people who read my blog don't listen to NIN, but they should. "In This Twilight" has to be one of the prettiest songs ever recorded. There are several instrumental tracks on the latest album (The Slip) that are awesome as well. "The Four of Us Are Dying" is one of my favorite songs ever. I've been a fan of NIN for about a decade now (got into the game a bit late, I admit), and I've really enjoyed the evolution of NIN sound.

5. Trent Reznor. Trent is NIN. He used to be a junkie and look like this: Now he is clean and in his 40's and he looks like this: To say I'm a "fan" of Trent Reznor is a bit unfair to those who really are fans. I've never purchased any NIN music or media. I don't have any posters of Trent on my walls, nor any NIN logos on my car. Trent is just one of my heroes in a kind of old-fashioned way. When he was on drugs and sickly I listened to NIN religiously but always thought he was a bit of an asshole - the kind of person who would have made me cry myself to sleep every night if we'd gone to school together. He's been clean for quite a few years now, though, and he's grown into himself. He uses an innovative approach in every situation he tackles, is markedly more friendly (though still shy), and I've been following his business models for a number of years now. Anyone interested in business or law should read some of his more recent interviews.

That's all for now. I think my next post will be dedicated solely to Crystal Method and text messaging. Genius. Oh, and also how much MSN/Hotmail SUCKS. Jayperce!

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Karen said...

First of all I also love Sade, By Your Side was almost Terry and I's wedding song, but we ultimately decided on To Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks. =)

Second of all the RX is an awesome car, Lexus has a great reputation of building vehicles that last a lifetime and never break down. We looked at the RX before deciding on our Cadillac SRX. The SRX had more space in the back since it is a little longer, and with kids and dogs we decided we would need the extra space.

Third, I LOVE NIN and always have. My hubby never cared for them which completely baffles me...whats not to like?