Friday, December 5, 2008

Holy Crap I'm awesome!

K, I didn't have a recipe for I just kind of .....improvised.

I'm AMAZING. This tastes EXACTLY like my mom's stew (which is the most delicious food on the planet) except for the bay leaf (which I don't have). I only had carrots, onions, potatoes, and corn (normally my mom puts in a million vegetables and some barley, which is awesome) but I threw them in there with a bunch of seasoning (chicken boullion, garlic salt, onion flakes, Mrs. Dash). I didn't measure anything, just threw it all in. I didn't even know how much water to use, so I just...kept adding it. The base of the stew was some brown gravy mix (which I recommend, because then your stew is awesome)and I also randomly had some stew meat (not randomly - mum had a cow butchered and gave me a pack of stew meat) so I cooked that. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am right now. I'm eating a bowl with a biscuit from the batch I made for breakfast this morning.

I'm currently cooking cupcakes, which failed. The recipe sounded delicious and tasted good....and had the consistency of sugar cookies. I added some water and got a good texture, but they aren't rising properly. They should be fine when they're done, though, and the chocolate buttercream frosting I made is simply superb.

I'm so awesome sometimes!

Yeah, cupcakes were total fail. SCREW YOU MR. CUPCAKE RECIPE GUY!

- yeah, my smoke alarm drives me nuts. It's super sensitive to heat and goes off every time I try to use the oven. HATE IT!


Tyler and Carisa said...

Dang!!! I wish i was there to have some yummy stew!!! Tyler and i are both far too exhausted to cook anything tonight... probably just have some popcorn. =D

Valry said...

Ooooo, I have some popcorn!!!!

Yeah, I will have to take the frosting home with me since the cupcakes didn't work. I also found a recipe for peppermint buttercream that I'm going to try!