Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

I've actually been 23 years old since 1:56 a.m. this morning (that is, the third of December Pacific Standard Time - I was born on Okinawa), but my actual birthday is December Fourth. Last year, in celebration of my 22nd birthday, Katherine photoshopped this gem:

Present are: dad, mum, Rea, G, Kafrin, Joseph, Sasquatch, Garrett, Chuck and stegosaurus, Cody, the Cheat, Flux Capacitor, Hover Board, Indiana Jones from the Temple of Doom, Professor VanSlyke popping out of the cake with Pintsize, and Bear Grylls. Also me, of course.

This year she's pressed for time, but did an extraordinary job sizing me up with T-Rez. Our heights are accurate, even given the apparent distance between us:



Jessie said...


I will admit, I thought it was the sixth, so I'm glad you posted this. :-)

Valry said...


HAHA! Well we both know each other's respective birth WEEK...perhaps in another fifteen years we'll get the days down.

The saddest part is that I actually have your birthday written down - I basically get it wrong on purpose because I'm too lazy to fact check.

Tyler and Carisa said...

Happy Day of your Birth!!! =D What did you do today?! You have big plans - or doing stuff this weekend?! I wish I was there to make you a cake.... but just pretend I did and that it was the best cake you've ever had in your whole life....

Damn! Now I want some cake!!!

Valry said...


Your last line = Total Tovey

I have been struggling with my schoolwork....lack of motivation/confusion, etc. I was up late last night, then got up super early this morning to finish a paper. Went to Econ...didn't need to, that class is fun but as far as academics go it totally sucks. I magically found an empty computer at the computer lab so I got to print my paper off BEFORE I went home (normally I have to leave here early when I go to my history classes just to wait for people to vacate the computers). That meant I got to spend ALL of my time in between classes making myself look pretty. So that I could walk a mile in heals. In a dress. I'm a masochist. I looked amazing, though, which is good because Dr. Hot Prof looked amazing too, and I like to keep the playing field level.

To quote Boston Legal, "Anything {you} can do I can do backwards and wearing heals."