Saturday, November 15, 2008

Doctor Valry Hensel

Dr. Valry Hensel, Ph.D, Professor of Cultural History.

I met with my advisor yesterday morning so that I could apply for the history major. It only took two or three minutes to fill out the paperwork and I thought I was excused but then he started talking about my "potential", as advisors are apt to do. First of all, let me say that I've only known this man for about two months. I have only turned in two assignments, book reviews, and the only time we've ever interacted has been during three book discussions. Not a lot of interaction for what he told me. "Central has an excellent masters program, and I'd head the committee for you if you decide that's what you want to do. Your writing is there, you're tremendously analytical. It's a good launch pad for Ph.D programs, and you're a VERY competitive candidate for a TA position." Further, he added that with my "leanings*" I'd make a good cultural historian.


I'd just told him I hated school and had no desire to continue on with my education, and then he tells me I'd make a good TA - which is Academic Code for "You should be a professor". WHAT THE HECK?! I told him I'd never thought about being a teacher because I hated school so much (the "institution") but that was a lie, and he knew it was a lie because obviously if I had a reason for not thinking about it I'd already thought about it and came up with that reason to excuse myself from that position. Of COURSE I've thought about being a teacher. In August I went back east for my brother's graduation from OCS and had a detailed tour of the Naval Academy and asked specifically if the Academy hired civilian professors. Dr. Lt. Col. Thomas (a professor there, and a retired Marine) told me yes, and they have an excellent history department. And as for my *leanings, he was referring to the fact that I never let authors slide for ignoring sex. We read a book on bananas and the author was the first one to mention the sexuality of his subject. The author who wrote about sugar didn't mention it, though he kept alluding to it. In class on Thursday I mentioned I had wanted to focus my research paper on the influence the "adult" industry has had on rubber/latex. My prof seemed really excited by it (because of my "originality", not because he's a perve, like I am, apparently), and said I could write a whole book on the subject (which I had literally JUST said to the girl that sits next to me when we were talking about our projects). Anyway, I think he had that topic in mind when he mentioned grad school (again, because it's original, not because he's a perve) and when I got home to mum's yesterday I realized that I have an excellent topic for a masters thesis, which would evolve into a doctoral thesis, which would be an excellent topic for a book.


Dr. Valry Hensel. I have to admit, I like the sound of that.

I know nothing about graduate school except it requires a lot of library work and writing. You have to have a thesis. I'm dreadful at thesis papers. I don't write to answer questions or to present them. I just write.


Tyler and Carisa said...

Do it! Do it! Do it!

=D I think you should definitely consider it!!!

Valry said...

I definitely will. I still hate school, but half of that is because I'm constantly in a "new" situation. If I were established somewhere and built relationships, got accustomed to the school itself, etc, then I think I'd be fine. I wouldn't be MISERABLE anyway. It's something to think about, that's for sure.