Friday, November 14, 2008

How do you fall out of love with a person? I don't mean "getting over" them, "moving on", and "finding someone else". How do you stop loving someone? To me it seems wrong. Like not breathing. Why would you do it? Lungs were meant to breathe and hearts were meant to love. Falling in love with someone else doesn't erase the feelings you had for the person before. It doesn't erase the pain or the history. So what does? Is it possible? Or are some of us meant to be haunted by those things? To discover a person is not who you thought they were would be devastating. What is worse is to find out they ARE the person you thought they were. Years ago I was coaxed, by a dear friend, onto a path I couldn't navigate without him. He then left that path. I've been stumbling along blindly ever since. How do I find my way off it? Am I lost there forever? It's a very tricky path.

There's one road to the morning
There's one road to the truth
There's one road back to civilization
But there's no road back to you....

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Tyler and Carisa said...

Val - love is a very tricky thing. I've had my share of love confusion. I never knew you could love two people at the same time - and the love for one didn't affect the love for the other. Nothing will erase feelings or memories - you will always have them; they will always be a part of you. But there comes a day when you realize which one is stronger - or better for you. Or that neither one is right.

If you are on a path you don't wish to be - I'd say figure out where you are going. You can't know where to go from here if you don't have a destination in mind.

Love you!!