Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chemical Burn

Ever washed your face with acid? I bet you have. Any non-soap face wash has acid in it to fight acne. Know that that does to my face? Burns it. Chemical Burn. My face is entirely erupted in mini blisters. You can't see them, but you can feel them. I can feel them. They hurt.

Seriously - mild soap and Aveeno lotion is all you need. Anything more is chemical burn.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


You know what I hate? Celebrities who get all kinds of face time at soup kitchens during holidays. What assholes. Don't they realize that poor people are hungry all year-round?! You know who REALLY deserves face time? My cousin Carisa. See number 73.

I hate celebrities.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Grumpy Old Man

Richard Griffifths is probably best known to Americans for playing Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter movies. He's actually a phenomenal actor who has been around for ever - which seems to irk him. This is a charming little article I read on IMDB yesterday that I fell in love with:

Starring alongside Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway has left veteran actor Richard Griffiths with a severe case of youth envy.
The portly 61-year-old complains that turning out onstage each night with the 19-year-old Harry Potter heartthrob makes him feel old and unattractive.
And trying to keep up with what interests a teenager leaves him feeling hopelessly out of touch.
He says, "I've no time for youth. It's a source of envy and despair. Daniel comes raving to me about the latest band he's been listening to and I have no idea what he's talking about. It just makes me feel so old. In fact, I shall have him beaten soundly before I go home. I mean he's young, handsome, successful...everything unbearable."
And, when he returns to Britain, Griffiths plans to lobby Prime Minister Gordon Brown for better rights for grumpy old men.
He jokes, "I think everyone over fifty, as part of the NHS, should be issued every week with a wet fish in a plastic bag by the Post Office so that whenever you see anyone young and happy you can hit them as hard as you can across the face. They'll say 'What was that for' and you'll say 'For being so young and handsome and successful."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

McGann I Get a What-What?

Seriously, is that not the funniest play-on-words ever? Paul McGann, everyone. Amazing.

Well I've been thinking more about grad school and talking to some people about it, since I actually know NOTHING about it. According to the school website the graduate assistant stipend covers all of tuition plus a tiny bit more. I'd still apply for scholarships and financial aid (so presumably I could actually make some money if I got it). They also have a competitive fund for travel/research expenses. I have no idea how big of a fund it is, but I have no doubt I would be able to secure them if I pursue my degree here. I'd like to do a thesis on the history and future of rubber. If I could secure the funds I'd be traveling places like Brazil, Indonesia, and The Congo. I'm assuming I'd have a professor going with me? But I don't know. Dr. Hot Prof speaks Portuguese and Spanish and Dr. Diaspora is from Africa so I'm assuming he speaks several languages. French classes are full at the moment, but I'll try getting into it next quarter. I know Spanish well enough that if I was working with Dr. Hot Prof and asked him to speak to me in Spanish I'd be able to learn it rapidly. French I'm pretty comfortable with (I can actually identify words when I hear/see them, etc) for a beginner and would be able to pick that up pretty fast as well. There's so much travel to be done........

But seriously. "McGann I get a what-what?" Funniest thing since this morning's post.

Must Watch

I keep watching it over and over. The mom is like "wtf?"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Going to HADES!

So I am a scrimper. I NEVER go out, I shop around for good deals, and I avoid spending money unless I must. Unfortunately, my "musts" are sometimes deemed a little less than necessary to the outside world.

Case in Point:

This weekend I discovered a show featuring an actor I'm fond of, and in looking at the clips I was reminded of a PBS Mystery! I had watched years ago. Sure that the Youtube clips and the Mystery! episode were NOT one in the same, I immediately set out to discover the name of the Mystery! episode. I failed. However, I decided to give the Youtube clips a shot this morning as I was up early and have a head start on some homework. Within about 3 minutes I realized it WAS the same show! By a complete twist of fate, I was introduced to this delicious actor SEVEN YEARS AGO and didn't even realize it. I skipped Econ this morning as I was right in the middle of watching this amazing show. Halfway through one critical scene, the clip ended.....and I couldn't find the next in the series. THE GIRL ONLY UPLOADED HALF OF THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Desperately I searched for alternate uploads, for a bit torrent, for an Amazon used copy. I failed. But then, just when all hope seemed lost (and after I emailed the girl on Youtube and BEGGED for her to upload the second half) I was granted a reprieve - BLOCKBUSTER HAS A COPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After about 15 stressful minutes of trying to resubscribe to Blockbuster online (my credit cards weren't working and I panicked but then realized my address was not up to date). I keep refreshing "My Queue" page on Blockbuster to see how quickly they will ship my order. Unfortunately I don't think they'll ship it until tomorrow, which means it probably won't arrive until this weekend when I'll be too busy to watch it! GAH! At least I found it. And do you think it's okay for me to spend $4 a month for DVD's rentals? I don't drink or smoke or have any vices to pay for. And I'm willing to forgo my poptarts in exchange for Paul McGann. I just queued all of his movies. Oh goodness, I hope they ship Forgotten soon.

For any of you who live in an Area where you might be able to find it: Rent Amanda Burton: Forgotten. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!1

Monday, November 17, 2008


I am still marveling that I have a functioning computer, and internet..... My internet is sketchy, but has connected long enough for me to do basic stuff. Actually, since last night it's been almost completely stable. I even watched an entire movie online last night.

I just got back from an econ test. I got an 80% on the last one, which is normal for me for an econ class. I feel like this test went a lot better. I hope it did, because we only have 3 tests in this class and that's all we're graded on. The final is optional, and you only have to take it if you want to drop one of your lower test scores. Since I'm going to be here all week for my other finals I'll just go ahead and take that one as well. It definitely can't hurt!

Meanwhile I have a book review due today, that may not actually be due today. I only have just over a page, so there's no way I'm going to bother handing it in. He mentioned last week that he would probably push the due date back until Wednesday, so I'm going to go ahead and bank on that. I mean, I'm going to keep TRYING to finish it, but I'm really short on material! Hopefully he'll mention our term paper, as well, since it's worth 1/4 of our grade and he hasn't once mentioned it...... Blah. I have another book review due for my Tropics class, and need to work some more on my profile for that class as well.

My Tropics prof (the hot one) is leading a Spring Break study abroad trip to Mexico....... Should I do it? It's kind of expensive, but it could be fun, right? My passport has expired, though, and I doubt if I could renew it in time to go. I don't think you need one to travel to Mexico until June, but I wouldn't want to risk it.
Also, it's probably not a good idea to go on a trip to a foreign country just because my prof is a sexy beast.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Era of Shellfish

Long weekend, but all I wanted to share was this:

During my statistics class this summer I had a professor who kept confusing "crustaceous" with "cretaceous". Yes....instead of saying "The Cretaceous Period" he was saying "Crustaceous Period". OH my gosh, I laughed so hard! And he KEPT doing it and I KEPT laughing. I remembered this in class on Thursday - my poor Hot History Prof must have thought he had something on his trousers because I kept trying to focus on what he was saying but kept doubling over with laughter.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Doctor Valry Hensel

Dr. Valry Hensel, Ph.D, Professor of Cultural History.

I met with my advisor yesterday morning so that I could apply for the history major. It only took two or three minutes to fill out the paperwork and I thought I was excused but then he started talking about my "potential", as advisors are apt to do. First of all, let me say that I've only known this man for about two months. I have only turned in two assignments, book reviews, and the only time we've ever interacted has been during three book discussions. Not a lot of interaction for what he told me. "Central has an excellent masters program, and I'd head the committee for you if you decide that's what you want to do. Your writing is there, you're tremendously analytical. It's a good launch pad for Ph.D programs, and you're a VERY competitive candidate for a TA position." Further, he added that with my "leanings*" I'd make a good cultural historian.


I'd just told him I hated school and had no desire to continue on with my education, and then he tells me I'd make a good TA - which is Academic Code for "You should be a professor". WHAT THE HECK?! I told him I'd never thought about being a teacher because I hated school so much (the "institution") but that was a lie, and he knew it was a lie because obviously if I had a reason for not thinking about it I'd already thought about it and came up with that reason to excuse myself from that position. Of COURSE I've thought about being a teacher. In August I went back east for my brother's graduation from OCS and had a detailed tour of the Naval Academy and asked specifically if the Academy hired civilian professors. Dr. Lt. Col. Thomas (a professor there, and a retired Marine) told me yes, and they have an excellent history department. And as for my *leanings, he was referring to the fact that I never let authors slide for ignoring sex. We read a book on bananas and the author was the first one to mention the sexuality of his subject. The author who wrote about sugar didn't mention it, though he kept alluding to it. In class on Thursday I mentioned I had wanted to focus my research paper on the influence the "adult" industry has had on rubber/latex. My prof seemed really excited by it (because of my "originality", not because he's a perve, like I am, apparently), and said I could write a whole book on the subject (which I had literally JUST said to the girl that sits next to me when we were talking about our projects). Anyway, I think he had that topic in mind when he mentioned grad school (again, because it's original, not because he's a perve) and when I got home to mum's yesterday I realized that I have an excellent topic for a masters thesis, which would evolve into a doctoral thesis, which would be an excellent topic for a book.


Dr. Valry Hensel. I have to admit, I like the sound of that.

I know nothing about graduate school except it requires a lot of library work and writing. You have to have a thesis. I'm dreadful at thesis papers. I don't write to answer questions or to present them. I just write.

Thursday, November 13, 2008 guilty pleasure?

Is it totally sad that I've started watching fan videos on youtube?

Honestly, now...... something is wrong with a girl who would rather get dressed up to watch poorly-edited compilations of movie clips instead of going out with a real-live boy. I cannot even wrap my mind around it. All I can do is sit here listening to Black Velvet and watch fan videos. Of Paul McGann. Because he has a perdy mouth.

I take that back. I can also go to class so I can not learn things. Because I'm too busy thinking about Paul McGann. And his perdy mouth.

Okay, wow: gay fanfic fan videos of Ioann Gruffudd and Paul McGann. Yikes! Not quite what my mind needs at the moment.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Just a few more weeks and I'm done with Fall quarter. Oohhhhhhhh I hope I can get enough classes to graduate by the end of Summer quarter.

*grabs face*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

O - M - G



Captain Von Trapp

*fans self rapidly*

One Thing After Another

Thursday afternoon I discovered a virus on my computer. Friday morning I awoke and discovered that the problems the virus was causing the day before had miraculously vanished enough for me to get to work cleaning said virus from my files. My mother's internet was sketchy at best, however, and that set me back a great deal. I spent my entire weekend cleaning and sorting files in an attempt to eradicate the virus before it could eradicate my files. I arrived home Sunday evening and had no internet. This was not an issue, really, since I'm not an addict like people think. However, I quickly realized, after going through my syllabi that I had one too many assignments due for comfort. My lack of internet prevented me from even printing off my assignment due Monday afternoon, let alone print off the notes I needed to study for my midterm. After growing stressed to the point of tears, I headed off to class in a state I had never thought I'd be in: unprepared. Within ten minutes at least part of my silent prayers had been answered. My professor didn't collect the reaction paper I'd been incapable of printing off. Furthermore, he agreed to send us home early with our midterms! I rushed home and set to work. I completed my midterm, completed a book review (due tomorrow), and did some work on a few other projects. However, I was still incapable of logging into the school computers, and when i went to the library today and used the info computers (which don't require a login) my email to the school requesting my user login information had gone unanswered. Miracle number two presented itself in the form of me remembering what my password was and SUCCESSFULLY LOGGIN IN! Within about an hour of my going to the library I'd completed and printed off three papers (including my midterm) and completed virtually ALL the research required for my term paper in my other history class (a ten-pager). I also found a digital copy of Olaudah Equiano's autobiography (READ IT!!!!!!!) the review for which is due next week, along with another book review for my other history class. THANK GOODNESS for USB drives.

Here's what the remainder of the quarter holds for me:
Tomorrow: DUE: (Diaspora) Midterm, Book Review - Beloved, Film Review - Africans in America
Thursday: (Tropics) Book discussion: Soluri's Banana Cultures.
Friday: TEST - Econ (test 2 out of 3 - so 1/3 of my grade)
Next Tuesday: DUE: (Tropics) Book Review - Soluri's Banana Cultures
Next Wednesday: DUE: (Diaspora) Book Review - Equiano's autobiography
Monday, November 24: DUE: (Diaspora) Term Paper (no idea what this is.....our prof hasn't even mentioned it once in class, it's just on the syllabus and it's worth 25% of our grade)
Tuesday, November 25: DUE: (Tropics) Rough Draft for Term Paper, Discussion of Brenner's Emperors of Chocolate (a book I need to start reading pretty much right now).
Tuesday, December 2: DUE (Tropics) Book Review - Brenner's Emperors of Chocolate

My Tropics term paper is due Wednesday, December 10th along with our final. My final for Diaspora is on Friday the 12th, for some reason. My econ final is optional: we only have to take it if we want to have one of our test scores dropped. More than likely I'll be taking it, since I will have to be here all week anyway. In about the next two weeks I have to complete/turn in 75% of my Diaspora graded work, and 50% of my Tropics work, and 1/3 of my Econ work. W.T.F?!!!

Miraculously I have an internet connection, which of course I've wasted by writing this nonsense. Gimme a break, though, I'm lonely up here all on my own!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's allllllliiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Miraculously, Friday morning I awoke and turned my computer on, hoping to be able to start it in safe mode. Instead it just started right up.... I've been doing some insane anti-virusing all weekend. So far I've managed to keep my computer running and functional. I'm still having trouble with the virus itself and my anti-virus software, while it has found all the threats, cannot remove them (because that's what viruses do: make your anti-virus software obsolete. Genius!) so I've downloaded a third anti-virus program. It's helped a lot, but my computer tends to crash on me before I've had a chance to clean up the viruses!

For the record, Carisa - I made pumpkin bars for the first time last night. They were so good that the entire sheet was gone by this morning and I even converted cousin-"iew, who the heck eats pumpkin?"-Angela to them. I asked her to try just one little bite and she did. Then she ate an entire slice. And then she kept eating them. I AM THE BOMB!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Never Again

This will probably be my last blog for.......I don't know......a while. My computer got a virus (somehow) and it won't work. I fortunately managed to remove from it my most recent stories, which is good because I think I would literally kill myself if I'd lost them permanently. Anyway.......since I don't have a computer I obviously won't be able to blog. I will post sometime around Thanksgiving and then at Christmas.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

I was Wrong

I DEFY you to tell me that's not the same actress!!!!!!!!!!!!

(*hint* - it's!)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Mutal Friend

Until today, I'd never read nor watched anything written by Dickens.

Please, please, PLEASE - go to YouTube and watch Charles Dicken's Our Mutal Friend.