Thursday, October 9, 2008

!!! UPDATE !!

This just in: History Prof still totally hot.

I did my best today to look adorable and professional and to ACT professional. I'm a student, but I'm nearly 23. I'm a grown woman, a woman of integrity. I don't flirt with married professors. I don't lust after them. I appreciate their hard work, their professionalism, and their contribution to my education. I walked into class today, sat myself in my seat and stared determinedly at my lap so as not to look too eager when The Professor walked in the door. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him, and having been lost in a revelry about my LAST hot professor, was caught off guard in such a way that I was forced to look up.

*breath forced out of lungs*

Just when I think he can't get any hotter..... I genuinely lost my breath when I saw him, and instantly burst out laughing. How absurd is it that life treats me so cruelly? I've got a smokin' bod, solid cooking skills, and a damn-fine sense of humor. I'm smart, I sing, I embroider, I drive cars VERY well, I'm not afraid to get dirty. WHY MUST THE HOT GUYS BE TAKEN?! Is it the fact that I can't control myself around married men? It's not like I'm flirting. Okay, maybe wearing a tight turtleneck sweater and my Ass Pants (I didn't realize how fly my booty was until I bought these pants. I could seriously be a butt model - as long as I'm in these pants. They're magical), and my healed boots isn't exactly NOT flirting. But hey, I could have maybe run into a hot single man on my way to class, right?! And so what if I stare intensely at The Professor? I'm paying attention. I'm a visual learner, and I (seriously) learn best when I keep eye contact with my professors (even the non-hot ones).





Tyler and Carisa said...

Val... you make me instantly burst out laughing... =D

You don't have to feel guilty for accentuating your best features... you never know who might be looking!

um... is there anyway i could perhaps view this insane hotty!?

Valry said...

Katherine keeps insisting that I take a picture, but I really don't think I'd be able to do him justice with my awful camera phone - or any camera for that matter. Yesterday he was as physically gorgeous as a man could be: He just ran a marathon this weekend, so he's still glowing from that. His hair is buzzed (but it's thick and brown), he has really sexy facial hair (I'm generally not at all a fan, but his really works), and BRIGHT blue eyes. Yesterday he wore jeans with a really dark green shirt with olive pinstripes, which was unbuttoned a bit (he had a white shirt underneath), and with the sleeves rolled up part way. That is LITERALLY the sexiest outfit a guy can wear. It looks so sharp but so casual, and it shows off their best features - their arms. I LOVE forearms/wrists for some reason.

Anyway, it's not just the way he looks, it's his demeanor. He's hyperactive, he's funny, he's insanely smart and well-spoken, never loses focus, has really good stage presence. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

Jessie said...

As the wife of an attractive man, :-(