Saturday, October 25, 2008


I spent a total of $10 on these three pairs of shoes.

Last night, instead of heading out to a party to get drunk with my peers I watched a movie, talked to my siblings online, and did some online browsing for good deals in town. This morning I woke up at 7 a.m., laid in bed for another hour, then got up and got ready for some shopping.

At 9:06 a.m. I had saved $7.16 on tampons; $10 on ballet flats; $15 on flipflops; $3.99 on toothpaste; and $2.38 on shampoo/conditioner by shopping at Rite Aid. They were having a 2 for $5.00 on OB tampons (the only tampons I use because they're the only ones that work) - normally Rite Aid is the cheapest for these tampons at $4.29 a box. I bought four boxes since they were on sale! I found a pair of white-with-black-polka-dots ballet flats for $5(!!) and two pairs of adorable platform flip-flops with satin sash straps for $2.50 a pair(!!). I also bought Garnier volumizing shampoo and conditioner, which was on sale for 2/$6, and Arm & Hammer toothpaste BOGO. Rite Aid is almost always the least expensive place to buy tampons, cosmetics, and yes, shoes. Even if there regular prices are higher than Walmart, they ALWAYS have good sales (mostly BOGO, which is great). I forgot to check, but usually Rite Aid has the cheapest milk, too (for some reason).

By 9:31 a.m. I saved $14 by shopping at Super 1 foods. They had a sale on bagels (2 bags for $5.00), Tillamook cheese ($1.98 for an 8 oz brick, normally they're $4/8 oz), and spaghetti 4 for $5.00. Grapefraud juice was 2/$4, and Tillamook yogurts were on sale 2/$.88. This was great, because I eat a LOT of cheese and it's great to find it not ridiculously expensive. It used to be a good alternative to beef as far as nutrition goes, but when it's not on sale it's more expensive than beef is!

At 9:43 a.m. I was leaving Safeway with my STEAL on milk (2 for $5.00 - milk up here is normally $3.50 a gallon at the cheapest) and on laundry detergent (2 50 oz jugs of Arm & Hammer 2x concentrate detergent for $5, which would normally have been double le prime). Eggs were a dollar cheaper there as well, so I grabbed a dozen. I saved $8.67 there.

I knew that the best time to shop (especially groceries) would be early on a Saturday morning because no one would be in the stores and no one would be on the roads. It also gave me a chance to be get some navigating in (I had mistaken Albertson's location for Safeway's - but as I went to turn around I found Safeway!), and check out gas prices. $2.64 a gallon!!! It's so great, it means it will be completely inexpensive for me to go home to my mam the next two weekends! I haven't paid under $40 to fill my tank in two years!

In conclusion: It's definitely worth multiple trips to get everything you need. Take your time before you shop, itemize your grocery lists, and KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS! Use them as reference when you go shopping, and check online for good deals each week. Sign up for club cards, (which are usually free) as they will save you a lot (all of my Safeway purchases were on sale with the club card). I saved over $61 this morning by making three stops, all of which were "on the way" from my usual route to Super 1. I even managed to find some things I wasn't expecting to be able to afford.

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