Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not Interested

Apparently when a man has his pride hurt he resorts to all kinds of irrational nonsense. He will deny everything he ever said or did, refusing to acknowledge his own involvement in any pride-damaging experiences. He will throw insults, turn the blame on others, and will puff himself up with irrelevant and unimpressive accounts of his own masculinity.

Dear Persons,
When someone tells you they are not interested, they mean it. If they flirt, act sexy, have open discussions about marital relations and child-rearing, please know that they are simply being themselves. It has no reflection on their insistence that they are disinterested. A person should not have to become a cold, frigid shell of their distant self simply to avoid hurting another's pride, should that other ignore the repeated phrases of "No, I don't want to date you," "I want a friend, not a lover," and "I am not going to marry you."

If you like/love a person and won't have your feelings dissuaded by their lack of interest, that is fine. Continue to love this person. Be their friend, support them if they ask for it, and live your life the best you can. Understand, however, that your persistence won't change their hearts, that your enthusiasm won't make up for a lack of emotion on their part, and remember that whatever feelings you attribute to their being nice to you are a product of your imagination. Should you forget these things and become disillusioned by your own longing heart, don't resort to throwing tantrums. Insulting a person won't make them love you, it won't make you feel better, and it certainly isn't a good reflection of your character. Only someone truly selfish would get angry at the one they love simply because that one does not love them back.

Thank you.

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