Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Earnest

The last decade was a very tough one for me. I moved several times, dealt with a horrendous family situation which lead to my parents' divorce (to help everyone gauge how hard life was - the divorce was something I celebrated), was alienated for a year by my brother (we're so close we're practically the same person), was cruelly pushed away by my true love (yes, I did just say that), lost several pets, an uncle, and a precious friend. I've battled depression, I've dropped out of college, I've had horrendous fights.

Through all of this I've maintained that life sucks - but I never said life was unfair.

As of today I am officially stating it: Life is unfair.

What's caused this change of opinion? My ridiculously hot history professor. I'm sure anyone reading this laughed out loud at that, but I write in earnest. He's attractive in every sense of the word. In my life there's only been one person who I could not only conceivably marry, but wanted to. He quashed that idea. I've just met the second. He's already married.



Tyler and Carisa said...

Oh Val! That makes me so sad!! I'm sure this professor has terrible bad habits... maybe he's a closet drunk - and likes to belittle those who are less intelligent then him... Chin up -

Valry said...

No, no, he's splendid. He's just married. It's GOOD that he's married, and I'm sure he and his wife have a fabulous relationship, so I'm genuinely happy for them both. I'm just sad that I can't have him.