Thursday, September 25, 2008


I went to my history class today and, once again, am landed with a smokin' hot, amazingly funny, witty, intelligent professor, who is, once again, married. Some of you who read this might have known of my insane crush on my World History Professor at CC. Since he was married, my feelings for him were genuinely professional, though I did occasionally have to stop myself staring at his mouth when he talked. My new professor is quite a bit younger than the former, is quite a bit more java'd up (World History Professor drank a moderate cup or two of coffee daily. New professor, apparently, has a complete addiction and talks a mile a minute), and would be hands-down dating material, if he weren't freaking married.

Why is it that I cannot find a single funny, intelligent, sexy man who is single? There HAVE to be some out there! WHyyyyyyyyyyy?!

P.S. Watch Wipeout. HILARIOUS nonsense! Those red balls are the funniest things on TV.


Tyler and Carisa said...

oh my holy hell!!! you watch wipeout too?!?! Tyler and i decided to stretch our budget and keep tivo so that we could watch and rewatch wipeout... =D we'd have all our friends over and we'd just laugh and laugh and laugh... and then rewind the funny parts and laugh all over again!! i'm sooo glad you like it too... it should get more press than it does. =D

Valry said...

HAHA, it is soooooo funny. This particular episode has this biker guy that GROWLS LIKE AN ANIMAL-PIRATE the entire time. I was laughing so hard I was sobbing! It is such a good show!