Monday, September 29, 2008


Sometimes it's hard being an independent, single lady! I went home to mum's for the weekend to get some more of my things. I grabbed the rest of my winter clothes (I have lots!), some decorations (which looked like a lot in my car but now look pathetically sparse), some camp chairs (hey, better than nothin!) and a TV. I got the TV out of my car and into my apartment ALL BY MYSELF! It's not a little TV, either, it's a regular-sized tv (no idea what the actual specs are, get the idea). I haven't taken any outside pictures, since the place is nothing to look at, so let me describe the scenario:

I'm 5'3 1/4". I weigh 110 pounds. My arm span is about 3'. The TV probably only weighs 30 pounds (at the most), but is obviously quite large and it took both my mum and me to get it into my car. After nearly being taken out by the thing on the drive up (it wasn't secured properly on the front seat and kept rolling violently into me - I had to stop and reposition it at a gas station about an hour from my mum's), I successfully managed to get it to Ellensburg. I parked my car about 10 feet from the pathway to my apartment so that I could open up the door wide enough to get the thing out.

My first problem arose with the seatbelt, which I'd intentionally locked up around it. Since I couldn't pull the belt out any further, I couldn't get the TV unwrapped! My only option was to pull the thing out in a terribly awkward and difficult position. I nearly dropped it trying to get it to the sidewalk, but kinda clunked it down roughly. After unlocking my door, I rushed back down to grab the beast. It was so heavy picking it up from the ground that I really panicked and didn't think I could do it. I managed to hike it up and kind of rest it on my knee (basically I was hunched over and had completely wrapped my body around it), and in the process of so doing ended up finding a perfectly functional position! This was good, because aside from 15 feet or so of sidewalk, I had to make it up a HUGE flight of concrete stairs. I counted each step in my head, telling myself "Just 4 more, three more"! When I got it into my apartment I wanted to throw it down on the ground, because I totally pwnd that TV!

Anyway, I unloaded the rest of my car (took about 20 minutes), then set the TV up so I could watch a movie whilst I arranged the other items. I hung a few pictures, washed a few dishes, put up some fall/Halloween decor (possibly pictures to follow), and put my clothes away. Since I don't have to leave for class until 10:30 I tried valiantly to stay awake later than I normally would, but was so exhausted from the moving (and from the horrors of driving on the freeway in the dark in rural Washington), I crashed around 10:30.

And that was that. I'm strong!
But also a scaredy-cat!


Tyler and Carisa said...

WooHoo!! Way to be strong! I remember luging my ginormous ottoman up three flights of stairs with a boot on my ankle. It was way awkward looking - and i'm glad it was dark outside so no body had to see that spectacle.

post pictures!!! =D

Tyler and Carisa said...

also, i had a dream on saturday night where tyler and i were in our living room watching TV and you just walked in the door and sat down next to us - like no big deal. Tyler and i were both freaked out... it was weird but super funny - cause the look on your face was classic val. =D

Valry said...

HAHA! That is a really bizarre dream. I am definitely not the type of person to just show up anywhere. The only time I can ever remember doing that was this last summer when I stopped at the Grandparents' on my way to Portland. I always let people know before I show up - even (or perhaps especially) my parents!

That is hilarious, though. And I love that you were freaked out, instead of excited to see me!!