Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Waking Up Strong in the Morning

So I'm starting to adjust to my new life. Yesterday was to be my first day in my new History class (History of the Black Diaspora). I transfered into it after dropping my tech class (which I can take during the summer), and missed the first day last week. I was a bit anxious about it, since it's hard to be "the new kid", even in college. I hate being behind, and never miss class unless I'm confident I won't fall back. After spending the day grumbling and not wanting to go, I finally trotted off to campus. As I waited outside the door of the classroom I noticed (after over a minute) that there was a notice on the door. The first class had been canceled! YES! I wasn't going to be behind after all! Then, to further my surprise (and glee!) my OTHER history professor (about The Tropics, which meets Tuesdays and Thursdays) showed up to unlock the door. I looked anywhere but at him (cos he's cute and I don't want to be one of those students!) and filed into the back of the class. As if the day wasn't already brighter, he announces that Dr. Amutabi, a native African, is currently stuck in Kenya, having lost his passport, and that he, Dr. Hot Prof, will be filling in for Dr. Diaspora for the rest of the week! Not only was I not behind, not only did I see my hot professor on a day I wasn't expecting him to, but then I find out I get to see him every day this week!

After 2 delicious hours of interesting discussion with a rather remarkable man, I came home to enjoy my evening. I made a delicious hash*, ate it while I talked to my siblings online, did some blogging, then put on Last Holiday, to which I studied for a solid two hours. Going to bed chipper is a good step toward having a good morning the following day! I woke up, had some peanut butter toast, talked to my siblings, did some blogging, read a bit, then went to class. I have a little under an hour before I head off to campus again to enjoy two more delicious hours of class!

* Start massive tangent here:
Hash: 1 large serving, calories: DELICIOUS!
One small baked potato, diced
One small jalapeno (any level spiciness you like!), julienned
Several slices of green and yellow squash, julienned
One layer of onion, julienned
Crumbled colby- and pepperjack cheeses
one egg, whipped with water
one half of a small tomato, diced

In a well-oiled pan, lightly saute all of the vegetables except the tomato. After a few minutes, throw in the baked potato and fry until browned. Stir in the egg mixture (essentially making an omelette, but not quite), and cook to your desired firmness (I prefer my eggs scrambled hard, rather than soft). Season with whatever you like (I put in salt, pepper, and garlic salt), and mix in tomatoes just before plating (essentially just warm them by stirring the hot food over them). You can prepare your vegetables any way you like, but it's a good idea to keep them as uniform as possible so that it cooks evenly. [On a side note, for those who enjoy fried potato products (home made fries, for example) ALWAYS cook them (bake/microwave) first. This evaporates all the water, leaving mostly starch, which means you get extra-crispy (not to mention thoroughly cooked) fried potato product. YAY!]

This is not only delicious, but a good use of leftovers. Hash is awesome because you just throw in whatever is in your fridge. I visited mum's this weekend and so had quite a few vegetables at my disposal. I usually only eat squash one way (sauted in olive oil, with salt and parmesan cheese) as a side dish to spaghetti or other pastas with tomato sauce. However, it makes really good filler in just about everything, and can be added to any soup, etc. They are high in vitamin C (as all vegetables/fruits are). Jalapenos are good texture, good flavor (especially for people who like heat in their meals), and are, oddly enough, anti-inflammatory. Don't take an aspirin for joint pain - eat a jalapeno!

When I'm at mum's I cook as often as possible (basically everything except baking desserts) with olive oil (my grandmother, mother, and older sister all have extremely high cholesterol, despite fairly healthy diets, so I do what I can to eat extra-healthy). I've found that olive oil (even cheap versions) is too expensive (triple the price of canola oil) for a poor college student, and have thus resorted once again to a purely canola/butter diet. No worries, though. I'm young and obviously getting a lot of exercise, and neither butter nor canola oil is really bad for you, so I should be okay. For those who can afford olive oil, I highly recommend making the change. Olive oil has a stronger taste than canola oil, so if you find you don't like the flavor, avoid putting it in dishes which require a lot of oil (the flavor is obvious in pasta salads, for example, but is undetectable in fried foods).

This post is now way too long, especially since I didn't mean to turn it into a cooking blog!

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Tyler and Carisa said...

i'm glad you had a good day yesterday.... =D and thank you for making me ubber hungry!!