Thursday, September 18, 2008

o, ze PLATform, ja!

If I were into politics, which I am not, I would consider running my own campaign. I would run on a platform of DMV reform.

that is all


Tyler and Carisa said...

and i would vote for you!! because i have been putting off going to the dmv to get change my license to say "Carisa Brown" because i don't want to deal with those rancid hags who work there.

Val '08!!! =D

Oren said...

I would vote for you if the timing of your campaign coincided with my driver's liscence expiration. Otherwise, probably not.

Valry said...

Seriously, I've put off getting a Washington license because I didn't want to lose my Oregon residency (since I was planning to live in California, etc, etc), and...uh.....yeah. I've had my Athena address on there and I'm pretty sure that's illegal and I definitely need to update my license and registration. All of this came about simply because my mind wandered to how horrible inefficient the freaking DMV is. So absurd.