Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I got an apartment in Ellensburg. I move in on Friday and will reside there until I graduate, which will hopefully be sometime next year.

On that note, I leave you with this delicious bit of music from the Dewey Cox soundtrack. Fabulous!

(Seriously, listen to this song. It's gorgeous!!)


Tyler and Carisa said...

Wow!! Val that is soo great!! So how far away is that from your mom?! What made you decide to get your own place?! ooo... it's going to be great! Post pictures so i can see it!!! Congrats!!

Valry said...

Thanks! It's about three hours away from Walla Walla. There really aren't a lot of housing options in Ellensburg. On-campus housing isn't very nice (and not any cheaper), so I figured I'd find a nice off-campus place that would let me do what I want. I'm trying to convince Angela to move up. We could split rent and have a bit of fun!

I don't have a camera other than the one on my cell phone (which is dreadful) but I'll take some crappy pictures as soon as I can.