Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Linguistic Hilarity


Makes me giggle!

Okay, so I live in a rather desolate area of the world. We have only two lanes on the freeway (two lanes per direction that is), and it often happens that cars get boxed in with the slower traffic. You are supposed to ONLY drive in the right lane unless you are passing. The problem is, most people don't follow this law. If they DO follow this law, they spend literally five minutes passing the slower vehicle (they feel it's adequate to drive 2 mph faster than the slower car). I'm a courteous driver. I signal, I allow others to pass first if I know they will pass a car faster than me (even if this requires me slowing down for a few seconds to let them go first). One of my favorite (and most hilarious) parts of driving is when there is a line of people in the left lane, slowly passing a vehicle in the right lane, and someone gets impatient and tries to speed up and cut us all off (as if we're driving there for fun). EVERY time this happens, I crane my neck around and think to myself (and sometimes speak aloud) "just where do you think YOU'RE going?!" Passengers in my car all laugh.

You know what ISN'T funny? Friends. That show is so stupid.

"You may be dead, but you're one sex-ass zombie!" - John Allison (I heart him!)

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Oren said...

Friends is horrible and they rerun it 11 times a day. I saw my roommates watching it the other day and it made me respect them less.