Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hysterical Laughter

So after all of that huge production - the pictures, the crying, the frantic emails to virtually everyone I know - I finally journeyed onto campus. Within about 20 seconds I was grinning to myself and feeling simultaneously like a dork and a conquerer. It is such a big deal to overcome your fears, and it seems to me that the sillier the fears the more triumphant the feeling of success!

I live about a half a mile down the street from campus (only about half a block from all of the athletic fields, though!), which means it will take me a casual 15 minutes to get to my first class. The entire campus is tiny. I made it from my apartment door, all through campus (including getting my student ID and picking up my books, taking pictures, etc) and back to my apartment complex while listening to Silverchair's Young Modern, which has a run time of about 44 1/2 minutes. Keep in mind I was meandering, stopping entirely for lengthy periods of time, and hauling about 20 pounds of textbooks for most of it. That's absolutely insane. I'm pretty sure it would have taken me an hour just to get from my apartment to campus if I'd moved to LA. It's tempting to go home and bring back my brother's bike so I can ride one around campus, but I'm not good on bikes (I've never liked them) and I think that walking every day will be much better for me.

Here are some pictures of campus:
Japanese Garden!
Japanese Garden!
Pretty manhole cover in the main courtyard!
The Zen garden in the Japanese Garden! Apparently they don't leave the big rakes out for students to play with, but maintenance comes through and makes the pretty patterns. Kind of disappointing, but oh well!

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Tyler and Carisa said...

Wow... those pictures look great! and that is soo nice to live so close to campus - it will be especailly nice once winter comes. Congrats on finally conquering your fear - i think you are going to have an amazing semester!!