Friday, September 26, 2008

Home.....or AM I?!

I came "home" to my mum's house for the weekend so I can get the rest of my clothes and pick up some furniture/decor. After realizing I'd probably be less lonely and feel less homesick if my apartment didn't look so pathetic and empty, I have made full plans to decorate the bejeebuz out of my "home".

Off on a tangent - holy crap, raw food diets. I LOVE eating food raw. There's nothing better than a completely fresh salad with all the fresh vegetables. Except maybe a piping hot bowl of stew, or warm, gooey brownie, or a big plate of scalloped potatoes. Aside from the ridiculous delusion that tofu, carob powder, and date paste (frozen, of course) is somehow a legitimate substitute for an actual brownie, what I can't handle about the raw food diet is that everything is cold, or "room temperature". If it's 30 degrees outside and I've been walking to and from campus, the last thing I want to eat for dinner is a room-temperature soup made out of carrot juice! Give me some sizzling red meat!

Obviously I am not knocking "raw foodists". They have their beliefs, and I have mine. Mine are just better.

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Tyler and Carisa said...

Ba ha ha!! yes! i love my meat... i realize the value of raw foods and fresh ingredients... but come on... sometimes you just can't beat a pot roast on a cold winters day...