Monday, September 8, 2008

Heard It All Before

Whilst signing into Myspace this afternoon I was introduced to a lovely musician who goes by the name Meiko. Being 1/4 Japanese, the young Georgian decided to pay tribute to her "heritage" by taking on the misspelled (and therefore mispronounced) moniker. I'm pretty sure I'm automatically more Japanese than she is.

I went to her Myspace music page and went through her songs. Meiko reminds me a bit of Sheryl Crow and Liz Durrett (with whom I am violently in love), with a little bit of Regina Spektor thrown in there. She's got a sweet voice, a solid grasp of eclecticism and harmony, and she's a delightfully successful independent musician, reaching a respectable spot on the iTunes charts. She works hard, is a credit to her profession and to little ladies everywhere (she seems quite a classy broad!), and has a dedicated fan base.

Now, I'm an incredibly irritating critic. Even my idols have to work hard to impress me (every single NIN has released in the last 3 years I have instantly dubbed "terrible!", only to later change my mind with further listening). However, I realized that while I am more apt than not to brand something as "horsepoopie" during my first listen, that doesn't mean that I'm wrong.I gave her music a listen and have given her a fair analysis.

She has an honest quality about her lyrics and she's certainly not "terrible", but she just doesn't get me excited about music. One of her songs, so aptly named "Heard It All Before", was one of the most droll, unoriginal tunes I've heard in many a-year. Not every band can compete with the gods (The Beatles, TOOL, Jewel, Silverchair, Britney Spears, etc) of their genre, but that doesn't mean they can't be good. That should at least be able to keep afloat of their musical counterparts. The best I can do for Meiko is compare her most strongly to Liz Durrett (not just in sound but in origin, genre, etc), and frankly Liz kicks Meiko's (albeit adorable) bum. Her voice is stronger, her music is much more complex, and her lyrics are a lot more sophisticated while still managing to retain their folksiness.

Conclusion: Meiko is boring.

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