Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Give Me Liberty

There are a few things which have always bothered me about the foundation of our legal system. Most prominent, of course, is the hilarity that the symbol of liberty in our country is "Lady Liberty". A woman. She's holding a scale, she's blindfolded. I have to laugh at the notion of men using woman as the true bearer of justice. Women are angels, women know the difference between right and wrong! We just want them to remain our property, to be paid less in the workforce once we let them become something OTHER than property, and to be laughed at when they attempt to challenge us physically.

Neverminding the obvious (yet, I am sure, not intentional) sexual overtones, what irritates me most about this symbol is the blindfold itself. To me it says that Truth and Justice have to be acts of chance or of, perhaps, science. We must balance them both in order to get liberty. That is all well and good, but neither truth nor justice nor liberty are physical objects. They cannot be weighed literally nor figuratively.

This symbol greatly represents what I so dislike (and distrust) about my own country. I do not vote because I do not believe in giving power to those who seek it. I do not vote because I do not believe that any one person should ever rule over another, and certainly not over all. I do not vote because I do not support a system which idealizes blindness in making correct decisions. Liberty should be a concept of consciousness, education, compassion - not of ignorance.

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