Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dinner and Photos

Home made nachos. I usually throw on some taco seasoning, but didn't feel like it. I placed a handful of chips on a cookie sheet, spread cheese (colbyjack and pepperjack), diced onions, and sliced jalapenos all over and then baked it at about 375 for maybe 8 minutes (just to get the cheese melted). I then sprinkled the rest of the diced onion and tomato over the top. I also usually dip my nachos in sour cream but I don't have any so I ate it as is!
No-bake cookies (which we call Raggedy Robins).
This would be cooler if my phone wasn't so pathetic.
A frame (Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme chart) and a basket which I hung on my east-facing kitchen wall.
My TV (the black fringe is actually black garland with little orange pumpkins on it. There are also two fake jack o'lanterns, one on top of the TV and one on top of the DVD player), with my paper sacks of videos (which I removed from the sacks and lined up against the wall), and my camp chairs, over which I will throw a blanket so that it looks like a couch. Sorta.
North-east corner of my living room (across from the TV) with my nice lamp (set atop a folding chair!) and a big painting I hung on the wall.
My kitchen window with fall window stickers and a candle and some peaches.
My stove with my mum's watercolor (each chickadee represents a family member), and a basket with a fake gourd and real spaghetti squash and also my recipes, which I scribbled on some printer paper.
Some decor that I haven't done anything with yet. The blue pitcher on top of my microwave is my coil pot I made in my ceramics class (college) my senior year of high school. It's actually a really cool little piece that I've kept in my room for years. I (stupidly) put lead-based glaze on the inside, so it's not actually usable. LAME!

So my apartment is still pretty pathetic. I put some other stuff in my room (too pathetic to show) and in the bathroom (ditto), and it feels a lot more home-like!


Jessie said...

WE CALL THEM RAGGEDY ROBINS, TOO! I've never heard anyone else use that name. Maybe it's a Virginia thing..? Maybe?

Valry said...

It must be a Virginia thing! We got the recipe from my brother, who got it from home economics, and we've always called them Raggedy Robins.

They are sooooo good. I actually discovered that the tin in that last picture (the kind of striped square thing next to the sink) works perfectly as a cookie jar, so I put all of them in there and it's so cute! AND YUMMY!

Tyler and Carisa said...

Val! it is starting to look soo great! And it does seem a lot more homey.... =D Congrats!!