Friday, September 26, 2008

Daniel Johns vs. Dhani Harrison

To the PAIN!

Let's vote.

Dhani Harrison, thenewno2

Daniel Johns, Silverchair

Who would you rather give a little som'som'?

HINT: The answer is both.


Tyler and Carisa said...

Daniel Johns... i won't elaborate why, since i'm married.... but definitely Daniel... definitely!

Valry said...

HAHA, now you HAVE to elaborate!

Dhani is an absolutely beautiful man. Daniel, however, is so delightfully contemporary-rock-and-roll. He's not the rocker of old who exists off of excess. He's so subtle yet striking.

Pie-Snatcher said...

I would have to say Daniel... I don't particularly like that picture of Dhani. Only that picture, though. :D

itsjenx87 said...

I have to say Dhani. Both great, but Dhani for sure.

savannah said...

dhani, most definitely....
oh, just oh.