Monday, September 22, 2008

1902 N. Walnut St part 2

Me in my place. This is me in my natural state!

Shot of the apartment from the corner of my GINORMOUS living room. It's literally as big as my entire studio was in Portland. Literally.

Huge kitchen!

Massive bathroom (yes, those are my underpants drying. It's much easier to wash smalls in the sink and let them dry than spending $1.75 to use the laundry).

Shot of aforementioned sink and the ridiculous counter space.

Horrible shot of spare bedroom. It's as big as my room at home, and it has an absolutely enormous closet.

Even more horrible shot of my room. It also has an enormous closet, plus a slightly smaller "cupboard" type closet where I put all of my non-hanging clothes (literally everything I own). There's another of these in the kitchen, which I've used as a pantry, and a third (minus shelving) in the living room where is currently housed my ironing board, umbrella, broom, and dustpan.

I will take more, better pictures eventually but these will work for now. I'll venture out in a bit and take some pictures of Ellensburg. I've got pretty views from my north-facing windows (living room and my bedroom). Big mountains in the north and therefore lots of pretty cloud formations.

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Tyler and Carisa said...

oh val!! it looks simply wonderful!! and it is big! you will laugh when you see how tiny tyler and my apartment is, but we love it - and it looks like you are loving yours!! yes to more pictures!! it all looks wonderful!! let me know if there are any items you might need... tyler and i had to give away a lot of stuff when we moved in together, so we have some duplicate stuf... =D