Friday, August 15, 2008


Okay, from the looks of things I'm going to end up at Central Washington University and NOT USC. To be honest I prefer this arrangement, though I'm not looking forward to any of the PR required of this sort of decision, as CWU is OBVIOUSLY a much lower-ranking school. Basically I CAN NOT find housing in LA (since I was admitted so late), and after exhausting LITERALLY every outlet available to me I realized "What the hell? I have never wanted to move to Los Angeles, I just wanted to get into a good school." I achieved my goal. That's all I wanted. I would MUCH RATHER go to Ellensburg, live in a ginormous apartment (I can get a HUGE, new 2-bedroom for about $200 less than even the cheapest LA studio) by myself, and graduate by next Christmas. I can have nice furniture, food, and time to read books, rather than spending my time avoiding being carjacked, raped, and ripped off. YAY!

But the true point of this post (perhaps details of my trip to DC will come later) is to discuss my foray into new mealtime deliciousness. I ate something for lunch today that I don't ever remember eating before in the whole of my life. It is a meal fed to small children and geriatrics (not bananas), covers the cereal, meat, vegetable and dairy sections of the food pyramid, and is one of the most economical assortments one can cook: macaroni and cheese with hot dogs.

Now, I know how you're going to react. "WHAT?! You've never eaten that before? No way!". Sadly, it is true. I'm not a picky eater. If someone serves me food, I eat it. If I have the option not to eat something I do not like, I simply avoid it and make something else. I don't dig through my meals and sort out the good from the bad (and/or ugly). I either eat food or I don't. However, when it comes to personal preference, I'm selective about HOW I eat my food. I don't like eating hot dogs unless they are on a bun, smothered in ketchup, mustard, relish, onions (grilled and raw) and possibly some chili. As for macaroni and cheese, I prefer my pasta with a tomato sauce. However, as I was craving something salty and my sister had made this wonderful concoction (she actually grilled the hot dogs, too!) I decided to give it a sample. I placed a scoop of extra creamy mac and cheese beside a well-grilled Oscar Meyer frankfurter, and splashed some ketchup on the side.

Verdict: Awesome.

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Tyler and Carisa said...

The best is to put season salt on the hot dogs (that's cut up into the circles....)while you grill them!! oh my heck!! it is awesome!! i haven't had it in a real long time... i think i just figured out what i'm makin for lunch!! =D