Friday, July 25, 2008

Let me take you on a journey...

I'm shopping. I'm shopping with Mum and Younger Sister. I'm standing in the makeup aisle holding tampons (O.B. and Playtex, one each), soap (Caress Exotic Oils, Moroccan, six-pack), makeup sponges (32-pack), foundation (Maybeline Pure Makeup, 1 oz), face wash (St. Ives Apricot Scrub, 4 oz), and fingernail clippers (compact, 1). I'm moving toward the garden section. I'm returning to the makeup aisle from the garden section. I'm walking toward the travel-size display and I'm acquiring hand sanitizer (plus Aloe, 2 oz), q-tips (travel-pack, 1).

I'm walking toward the grocery section. I'm stopping in the clothes and Mum is selecting shirts (blue, light blue, blue, one each). I'm walking toward the freezer section. I'm picking up milk (2%, two), eggs (medium, white, one dozen).

I'm in the check-out aisle loading the bags into the cart. I'm walking into the parking lot. I'm in the parking lot loading the bags into the trunk. I'm driving home. I'm accelerating rapidly. I'm swerving wildly around slow-pokes. I'm parking in the driveway. I'm unloading bags into the house.

I'm eating my sandwich (Roast Beef, 12-inches) and watching a movie (Old School, 91 minutes). I'm eating chips (Lays Classic, 12 oz). I'm dropping my beverage (Squirt, 4 oz) on the floor ("shit", "fuck", one each). I'm opening my beverage. I'm having a celebratory moment. I'm wiping beverage from my legs (white, one each), laptop (Toshiba, blue, one).

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