Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Like many non-science/math majors before me, I am completing my college-level math requirement by taking statistics. This course, ever-useful to social science majors, consists of defining and analyzing data using basic algebraic expressions. As I am a social science major (history), I knew that learning statistics would be invaluable in my pursuit of academic success. Not only will these skills be used in other courses, but of course will be necessary for any position I might gain in the field of history/economics (my minor). Although my table-mates would assault me with scowls and pencils if I admitted it in class, I'm actually enjoying the subject matter and the application thereof. Students typically look forward to the end of a course, though they constantly dread the requisite final project. I have chosen to rise above such childishness, however.

With ice cream.

For the final project of my college-level math class I am acquiring data at the Isaac's Street Baskin Robbins. My project-mate, Caitlin, is an employee of our local franchise here in Walla Walla, and in order to save her from having to spend extra time outside of school and work (crazazy hours!) I decided to simply work with her schedule. What a delicious decision! We are keeping record of all non-beverage orders during her shifts for the next two weeks to see which are the most popular flavors: a very simple, low-stress, tasty study. In order to keep track of our orders, I sit on a chair just inside the "back room" and give customers an uncomfortable stare-down, adding to it the much-feared rapid-scrawl as I write down every word of their order, while Caitlin does her best to remain professional as she scoops heaping amounts of Frozen Diabetic Shock into paper-cased cones. There is evidence at the 1% level that 75% of ice cream is sugar, but I will have to check with the z-score on Table C.

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